About me


Hi I’m Natasha,

Photography has been my passion since I picked up my first camera at the age of 6!  Starting with my first photograph of an old brown Ford wagon with my Polaroid. I loved it and ever since I knew what I wanted to do, all of my focus was on photography through school and I was lucky enough to attend a college with a dark room. I spent more time in that darkroom than I did in class!

I moved to Brisbane when I was 18 and met my Husband to be, who loved my passion for photography and helped to convince me that I could in fact do full time. So we started working on it together, shooting mostly weddings on the weekends and only stopping for a while once I was 8 months pregnant with our beautiful daughter Ava.

Finally in 2016 after our second child Riley, we decided to make the jump to full time and since building our in-home studio we haven’t looked back!

Make sure to check out my Facebook page for all my latest work and Instagram for sneaky behind the scenes shots.